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Project Description

Rapid Layout 2009 is a WPF and Silverlight panel that has a wide variety of layout options while combining the functionality of a Grid, DockPanel, Canvas and StackPanel. This is acheived without the need for nested panels.

Rapid Layout 2009

This project is WPF/Silverlight version of the powerful winforms layout engine that can be found at

The download includes a VS 2008 solution that has various demos and tutorials. It also includes the runtime dlls for use in your own project.

Watch this space for further documentation and tutorials.


Silverlight Live Example


The WPF/Silverlight parts are Open Source. The underlying helix engine is provided as a royalty free runtime dll. Rapid Layout 2009 is designed to be easily hand coded in XAML. We will also provide a commercial GUI extension for the Visual Studio designer in the future that guide you in creating layouts. We may someday provide a plugin to Blend if Microsoft provide improved Blend extensibility.

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